January 14th, 2013

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  3. I went to school with Tim’s daughters and was incredibly inspired to meet a real live working electronic music composer at the end of their garden ! Tim was kind enough to lend, and even donate, music equipment to me for which I’ll always be grateful. Since then I have grown to love his musical works but will never forget the sight of my first modular synth – thanks Tim and happy birthday !

  4. I am very happy to discover this site. Tim’s music deserves much wider appreciation which this initiative might help. I have good memories of being a co-member of Intermodulation and OdB in the 70s.

  5. I first heard of Tim Souster back in the 1970′s when I regularly listened to BBC Radio 3, especially when there was anything about electronic music which was quite rare and avant-garde back then. I listened to a programme called “the Sleeping Giant Awakes” which was introduced by Tim speaking eloquently about all the best electronic music around at the time, including some of his own works. On hearing “Arboreal Antecedents” I was fascinated by the way he had utilised electronic sounds in a kind of jazz/rock setting. I also managed to find a copy of his album “SW1T DR1MZ” at Birmingham Library, which had some similar pieces but also some really surreal sounds too. Since then I have been searching for every piece of his that I can find. His adventurous and fearless exploration of musical styles encouraged me to try writing my own music. I hope this website helps to keep alive the music and the memory of this startlingly original composer who left us at such a tragically young age.

  6. I am celebrating 50 years as a musician this year and my thoughts have turned to some of the inspirational teachers and influences in my life. I first met Tim when I was an undergraduate studying Electronics and Music at Keele University. He was the Leverhulme Research Fellow and had set up the studio there along with Cliff Bradbury. I had become quite an expert in using the Fairlight CMI and Tim asked me to do some work with him, specifically on the album Scream and Scream Again he was recording for De Wolfe Music. I really knew nothing about Library or production music at the time but Tim suggested I should contact De Wolfe. As a result of his introduction I have now recorded more albums for De Wolfe than any other composer and have had a very successful career doing what I enjoy most, writing and recording music.
    I subsequently met Tim on a number of occasions both at De Wolfe in Wardour St. and at his home studio. He was a real gentleman, a gourmet chef and an innovative composer who was always very helpful to me. His untimely death was a great tragedy and loss to the musical world and I often reflect that without his advice I would not have had such a wonderfully enjoyable career.

  7. Tims music and profile has been sadly neglected over the years, which is a shame. His programme for the South Bank Show- “The Isle is full of noises” back in 1984 was heavily criticised at the time, but its content was sufficient to get me into electronic music, which Ive been producing on and off for the last 30 years (I went through a patch of being in a touring rock band and writing solely classical score for a while) none the less it appeared at the right time for me- I would love to see that programme again at some point, if its been archived somewhere. If only Id had the chance to meet him…

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