Works for TV & Other Media


From the late 1970s, in parallel with the composition of concert music, Tim also worked in the commercial field. Initially composing for audio-visual shows and TV commercials, he soon became established as a composer of library music (see Discography) and TV documentary and drama series.

Audio-visual shows

The Future is Now (1977)
Eleven-channel musical soundtrack to accompany a 40-projector multi-screen audio-visual show titled The Future is Now for the British Genius Exhibition in Battersea Park in 1977.
Director and producer: Mick Csáky Viscom Productions
(see Discography)

Several audio-visual shows for Triangle AV Partnership including:

Milton Keynes Development Corporation, Wood Green Shopping City
Directed by Darryl Johnson

The Story of Coffee, Metal Box Co, London Bridge City
Directed by Vincent Joyce


Over 40 TV commercials including several directed by Lester Bookbinder (including Alberto Jojoba, Chanel Anteus, Dupont pens, Twinings tea, St Ivel Gold)


Great Railway Journeys of the World (1980)
7-part series + introduction. BBC TV
Title music for the series
Series producer: Roger Laughton

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (1981)
6-part drama based on the original radio series. BBC TV
Title music (arrangement of ‘The Journey of the Sorcerer’)
Tim had previously written music for the LP recordings of HHGTTG (see Discography).His arrangement of the title theme was subsequently used for the TV series (see Discography)

The Killing Time (1983)
Drama. BBC Scotland
Written and directed by Mike Barnes
Producer: Keith Alexander

Heart of the Dragon (1984)
12-part documentary series about China. Channel 4
Title music for the series
Episode 2 ‘Trading’, written and directed by Nigel Houghton;
Episode 12 ‘Remembering’, written and dir.ected by Mischa Scorer
Series executive producer: Peter Montagnon

Africa (1984)
8-part documentary series looking at the myth and the reality of Africa and its history. Channel 4
Writer and presenter: Basil Davidson.
Directors: John Percival, Christopher Ralling, Mick Csáky, Andy Harries
Producer: John Percival.
Executive producer: Mick Csáky

River Journeys (1984)
6-part series. BBC TV
Episode 2 ‘The Mekong’.
Writer and presenter William Shawcross.
Director: David Wallace
Series producers: Roger Laughton, David Wallace

Global Report: Khun Or – The Reed that Bends (1985)
Dramatised true story of a Thai boxer. BBC TV
Director: David Wallace
Series producer: Peter Armstrong

The South Bank Show: The Isle is Full of Noises (1985)
Documentary examining the history of electronic music, devised by Tim Souster. It includes the composition and performance of Souster’s‘The Isle is full of Noises’ (Caliban’s Dream from The Tempest) for voice and live electronics with synclavier computer, commissioned for the South Bank Show and conceived in collaboration with the programme director Bryan Izzard. ITV. Presenter: Melvyn Bragg.

Oil (1986)
8-part series looking at how oil has affected the fortunes of different countries and people. Channel 4
Series consultant: Anthony Sampson
Series director: Mick Csáky

Footsteps (1987)
Series following in the footsteps of pioneering archaeological explorers. BBC TV
Episode 5 ‘Temples of Solomon – Karl Mauch in Africa (1837-1875)’
Director and producer: David Wallace

First Tuesday: Killing the Dragon (1988)
Documentary about drug rehabilitation at a Thai monastery. ITV
Director and producer: Mick Csáky

The Other Europe (1988)
6-part series about Eastern Europe. Channel 4
Title music for the series
Episode 5 ‘The Ice Age’
Director and producer: Tom Roberts

Great Journeys (1989)
8-part series tracing journeys along the world’s great highways. BBC TV
Title music for the series
Episode 7 ‘The Burma Road’.
Presenter: Miles Kington
Director: David Wallace
Series producer: Alan Bookbinder

Traffik (1989)
5-part thriller about the international drug trade. Channel 4
Starring Bill Patterson and Lindsay Duncan
Writer: Simon Moore
Director: Alastair Reid
Producer: Brian Eastman
BAFTA nomination for best original television music 1989

The Great Moghuls (1990)
6-part documentary series about 200 years of Moghul rule. Channel 4
Writer and presenter: Bamber Gascoigne
Director and producer: Douglas Rae
Executive producer: Nicholas Barton
(see Discography)

The Midas Touch (1990)
6-part documentary about money in the modern world. BBC TV
Writer and presenter Anthony Sampson
Directors: Mick Csáky, Mick Gold (one episode)
Producer: Mick Csáky

The Last African Flying Boat (1990)
Documentary tracing the flight of the last African flying boat. BBC TV
Writer and presenter Alexander Frater
Director: David Wallace

The Green Man (1990)
3-part drama series based on the novel by Kingsley Amis. BBC TV
Starring Albert Finney
Screenplay: Malcolm Bradbury
Director: Elijah Moshinsky
Producer: David Snodin
BAFTA award for best original television music 1990

Monsoon (1991)
Documentary about the role of the Monsoon in India. BBC TV
Writer and presenter: Alexander Frater
Director: David Wallace

Selling Hitler (1991)
5-part drama series based on the Robert Harris book about the Hitler diaries hoax. ITV
(Music co-written with John E. Keene)
Starring Jonathan Pryce, Alexei Sayle, Alison Steadman
Writers Robert Harris and Howard Shuman
Director: Alastair Reid
Producer: Andrew Brown

First Tuesday: Cold Blood: The Massacre in East Timor (1992)
Secret filming by cameraman Max Stahl of the massacre of 100 mourners at Santa Cruz cemetery. ITV
Presenter: Olivia O’Leary
Director and producer: Peter Gordon

Frink 1930-1993 (1993)
A tribute to the sculptor Dame Elisabeth Frink. ITV
Director: Derek Bailey
Producer: Mick Csáky

Circle of Deceit (1993)
Drama about an ex-SAS operative brought back to infiltrate the IRA. ITV
Starring Dennis Waterman and Derek Jacobi
Director: Geoffrey Sax
Producer: Andrew Benson

Calling the Shots (1993)
Drama about an investigative TV reporter-producer. BBC
Starring Lynn Redgrave
Director: Ross Devenish
Producer: David Snodin

Watergate (1994)
5-part investigative series on the Watergate scandal. BBC
Director: Mick Gold
Series producer: Norma Percy


Heritage (1989)
Feature film set in Africa. Africa Films
Starring Kofi Bucknor,
Screenplay: Kwaw Ansah
Director and producer: Kwaw Ansah


23.12.35 The Death of Alban Berg (1985)
A Radiophonic essay for Radio 3
Writer and composer: Tim Souster
With Carl Duering and Jill Balcon
Directed by John Theocharis
Produced by Stephen Plaistow