Articles about Tim

‘Tim Souster’s Titus Groan Music’ by Robin Thompson
Tempo 89, Summer 1969

Triple Music II –Tim Souster’s Prom Commission’ by Peter Britton
Music and Musicians, August 1970

Song of an Average City – Tim Souster’s Answer to Delius’ by Michael Nyman
The Listener, 7 March 1974

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‘New Music’ (Souster Pt 1) by Keith Potter
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‘New Music’ (Souster Pt 2) by Keith Potter
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‘Tim Souster: Electronic Music Composer’
Electronics & Music Maker, May 1981, pp.62-4

‘Not So Quiet a Revolution’ by Hugo Cole
Country Life, 22 October 1981

‘Tim Souster’ by David Jefferies
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‘Living British Composers: 4. Tim Souster’ by Nick Brenton
Set to Music, Vol. 7, No 4, March/April 1983

‘Don’t be Afraid of Synthetic Notes: Nicholas Kenyon meets a master of electronic music’
Observer, 20 October 1985

‘Tim Souster’ in British Composers of the 1980s by Paul Griffiths
Faber & Faber, 1985


‘In What Form Can “Live Electronic Music” Live On?’ by Simon Emmerson (includes discussion of Souster’s Spectral)
Organised Sound, November 2006

‘The Style of the New: British Music Between Avant-Garde and  Pop’ by Philip Rupprecht: Keynote Address, “New Music in Great Britain,” Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK, May 2012 (includes discussion of Souster’s World Music)


Tim Souster: 15-minute film directed by  Richard Witts  BBC 1983

The South Bank Show: The Isle is Full of Noises (1985)
Documentary examining the history of electronic music. Follows the composition and performance of Souster’s The Isle Is Full of Noises (Caliban’s Dream from The Tempest) for voice and live electronics with synclavier computer, commissioned for the South Bank Show and conceived in collaboration with the programme director Bryan Izzard. ITV. Presenter: Melvyn Bragg.